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About Us

Swiss income specialists.

With our international clientele and our income-driven investment strategy we are one of the largest, internationally active asset managers in Switzerland. That's why we are a member of the Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers.

Based in the heart of Zurich - Since 2004


Investment Strategy

Hybrid Bonds

As one of the few specialists in Europe, we focus in the bond area on hybrid bonds, which are beneficial for both the issuer but especially for the investor.

Equities plus options

In addition to dividends, we systematically tap additional sources of income through exchange-traded options on the largest companies in the US and Europe.

Private Equity & Real Estate

In addition to our bond and equity strategies, private equity & real esate investments increase portfolio diversifcation and income generation.

Multi Assets

Our three investment competences can be perfectly combined as an income-oriented multi-asset approach.

Sascha Peier

CEO & Partner

Frank Winkler

CIO & Partner

Marcel Moog

CFO & Partner



Diem Client Partner AG
Dianastrasse 5
8002 Zurich