Multi Asset Strategy

Our two investment competencies, hybrid bonds of quality issuers and investments in blue chips plus exchange-traded options, can be perfectly combined as an income-oriented multi-asset approach.

Key benefits

Diem Client Partner's two strategies combined according to your needs. Read more: 


Due to the subordination of the bonds, hybrid bonds pay a higher coupon as plain bonds do.

Quality issuers

Due to the subordination of the bonds, issuer quality is key. We focus on high-quality companies only and monitor their credit carefully.

Inflation protection

A large number of hybrid bonds feature have an implicit inflation protection. This is because of a switch to a floating interest rate (fixed-to-float structure) directly after the first possible call date.

Strong cashflow generation

In addition to income from dividends, a systematic option overlay provides further regular cashflows.

Quality stocks

We only invest in US, European and Swiss large cap companies with outstanding market positioning, attractive valuation and growth profile as well as best-in-class balance sheets.

Anticyclical portfolio behavior

Selling call and put options not only provides additional cashflows, but also enables us to anticyclically enter and exit the market.


Customized approach

For all portfolios, we take our clients' wishes into account during portfolio construction and define the asset allocation. If required, we also take care of the strategic bond and equity quota.

For all questions, we are happy to advise you personally.

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